Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The "When's" and "Why's" of my writings

For varied reasons, people consider literature as a reflection of one’s soul; a mirror where we all look at to see the often ignored things about reality of life.

For varied reasons also, people take literature as an extreme expression of emotions which includes but is never limited to love, hatred, fear, sympathy, melancholy, happiness, frustration, as well as lust and fantasy that we are often afraid to disclose.

For it is through literature that we come to wholly face ourselves without any reservation. In its chambers, we celebrate victory and accept our defeat; we become the masters and slaves of every writer’s insane mind; we get to believe in fairies and dinosaurs and fear worms and trees like a mad child begging for his milk bottle at the darkest of nights.

Literature has no bounds at all. It trespasses all lairs of serenity as well as those of chaos and incongruency. And once it succeeds in conquering a world, it will all depend on how the curse or the blessing it brings you is being handled– a true blessing when enriched but a curse when ignored.

I write this to give you my reasons as well as the times I healthily play with my literary characters. At the end of the day, I only aim at one thing: to persuade you that “writing makes one simple life interesting.”

When I’m lonely, I write

If there’s something in this world that could kill me instantly (people who keep grudges on me are happy to know this I suppose), that would probably be loneliness – a helpless feeling I believe.

It is loneliness that makes me feel I worth nothing in this world, that I should not exist because people who value me never really co-exist with me after all.

At times like this, I write about my hopes, my fantasies, and my delusions to review the reasons why I must endure.

When I’m happy, I write

Gladness would probably boost one’s desire to write. If there’s a simplest reason why a lot of writers exist, that would probably be because there are a lot happy people as much as the number of happy thoughts present in this world.

Personally, I write when I’m happy to share my happiness to others, to remind those who are in despair of life that day’s darkest moments end when you come to see the light. And that light becomes known to man only when he opens his eyes and see things beneath the surfaces.

When I’m sad, I write

When I feel like crying, I believe writing is a good shoulder to cry on. It is a good confidante, a good place to rest my grief. It may not provide you answers for your questions, but it provides ways to find relief.

When I’m in love I write

I believe love is mostly the reason why people become writers. Love is so powerful that it urges man to talk about cupid’s magnificent works most of the times.

I started writing love passages, which then became a poem, then became essays until it became love and tragedy, and of course, unconventional love in human race.

I write to tell the world that I am human, vulnerable to all love’s hurting and joy.

When I’m afraid, I write

I’m a coward. I fear a lot of things; frog, snakes, darkness, my girlfriend’s dad and brothers, and of course death. But my fears settle when I write it down. In my world, I create armors that are precisely able to protect me from all these fears.

When no one listens, I write

In this world where everyone keeps on telling a story, oftentimes I get ignored. So when I feel that no one listens, I write my stories and let the universe comprehend everything I want other people to know. I believe the air is never self-centered to not keep-tell every story I have shared. Thus, every wind breeze, if you just listen, brings about a story, a story of someone who never been heard.


There are a lot more reasons why I write. And those are just among the very obvious part of why I'm writing. I hope you too could find your own.

Just a simple note about my experience in finding these reasons, I have endured mockery, suppression as well as depression as I fulfill my role as a literary practitioner in the past. But I believe all those are just part of it. All you need to do is endure and be bolder each time you stand. Only then you can say, every letter you put to make a sentence is an important part of a story, and that story is something everyone will never shun to read.

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