Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Knowing some more personal “I’s”

        There came a time when once I decided to drop down my quill and quit from writing, a time when I see no great reason to believe that inside me exists a writer whose thoughts count worthy of my dear readers’ precious time. But now I tell you this: that time has finally ended.
        My Id and ego have won the battle staged by the ally of my heart and mind; it was between the passion to yearn out for new knowledge and the malice fired up by the things my sinful ears have heard of. And that victory made me more composed as before. Thus today, I start this new chapter.
        I am Nonilo Velasco Libertad, Jr., twenty-two years old, Certified Public Accountant by profession. I was editor-in-chief of TIP Voice, the Official School and Student Publication of the Technological Institute of the Philippines Manila(2010-2011). I continue to keep my dream of becoming a writer with remarkable books that will inspire people.  
        I am highly skeptic – an attitude accountants like me are required to possess. I don’t encourage professional idolatry but studying the ways and becomings of an accountant made me understand integrity and professionalism more than how I used to exhibit such during my editorial days.
        I am mean, the usual antagonist of a story. I love to talk. I was team captain of our Debate Society in College (I was trained to be sensible speaker I believe). I chat and argue with intellectual people but usually silent with bunch of odd. I hope you accept and respect all ideas and stands I am yet to publish in here. At any rate, I’m open to hear your reactions and comments. Grazzie and happy reading to us all!

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